Senior Exit Survey (2019-20)

This remainder of this survey is designed to learn about seniors' postsecondary plans and career/vocational choices. The information provided will be used to help administrators, teachers, and support staff to plan curriculum, guidance, and student services. Your opinions are essential to our efforts to ensure that future students receive the best possible educational experience. Please reflect honestly on your experience as a student and answer each item in the survey that follows to the best of your ability. For most answers, check the boxes most applicable to you or fill in the blanks.

Which of the following choices best represents what you plan to do once you complete high school?
Enter full-time active military service
Earn a certificate or license, but not a degree
Earn an Associate's (e.g., A.A, A.S., A.A.S., etc.) degree
Earn an Associate's degree and then a Bachelor's (e.g., B.A. , B.S., B.F.A., etc.), or more advanced degree
Earn a Bachelor's, or more advanced degree
Haven't decided, unsure, or don't know
Other (specify):

Which of the following institutions do you plan to attend?

Please enter the name of the institution that you plan to attend.

Which of the following fields of study do you plan to pursue?

Please enter the name of the field of study that you plan to pursue.

Understanding how difficult this senior year has been due to the current circumstances, we would appreciate any feedback you could provide on your distance learning experience during the closure of schools due to the corona virus.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, please use the space provided below to do so.